What kind of paint did Rembrandt use to make his paintings so spectacular? What material is the Statue of Liberty made from that makes it so distinguished? What materials were used in building the opulent and lavish Taj Mahal?

Guess what? It is not only the materials that make these iconic paintings, statues and buildings so special. It’s the skill and craftsmanship of the worker that is required to use the materials to create such masterpieces!

Atlanta GA Roofing

Are you asking yourself: what does this have to with roofing? Oh, it has everything to do with roofing. Let’s talk about roofing workmanship and materials. 

It often shocks me when I talk to a customer who places so much emphasis on the roofing material and the manufacturer of the material instead of who is actually installing it. Roofing material manufacturers may produce everything from TPO to EPDM to modified bitumen. Each of these manufacturers, by enlarge, produces good, quality materials. If the right type of roof system is selected, then the roofing products should certainly last through the term of the warranty. Very rarely is this an issue in the roofing business! What is an issue is how the material is installed!

Going back to Rembrandt - did the type of paint really matter? Only to the extent that it was appropriate with regard to color and how it worked with the canvas.

Similarly with a roof: does the manufacturer really matter? Only to the type of material and to the extent that it is appropriate with regard to your building and climate.

What really was important with the Rembrandt was the artist who applied the paint to the canvas! It was craftsmanship that made his works of art true masterpieces.

Roofing is the same. The materials will not ultimately determine the success of your project but rather the craftsmen (CentiMark crews) who install the materials. Keep in mind, you can take the very best materials and have a poor applicator install them and you will ultimately have a poor roof. It is the craftsmanship associated with the unique characteristics of your building: how details are flashed, how nailers are installed, how seams are welded, how drains are retrofitted, etc. that will determine a project's success or failure.

At CentiMark, we have 2,300 crewmembers trained in installation and service repairs. Trained crews, crane operators, foreman and operations managers make the difference - The CentiMark Difference.

Visit the CentiMark Channel view videos on CentiMark’s installation processes and quality craftsmanship.


Get Ready For Winter - Snow Removal


Make sure you are signed up for CentiMark's Snow Removal Priority Scheduling. With hundreds of calls coming in after a heavy snowstorm, you need to be on our priority call list. A timely response to snow removal on your roof may save you from experiencing structural damage to your building.

It is also imperative to use a roofing professional to remove the snow from your roof. A non-roofing snow removal team cannot understand the complexities and hazards on your roof. Do they know what’s underneath all the snow on your roof? Gas lines, electrical conduits, skylights? CentiMark places markers to identify skylights and other roof projections. A professional roofing contractor not only removes the snow safely and without damaging the roof, but also knows how to examine the underdeck for fatigue that may indicate excessive weight load that could lead to a roof collapse.
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Plant Shutdowns - Get Your Floors Ready


For facilities, scheduled plant shutdowns help to maintain plants and equipment. Naturally, this is why a shortened period of downtime is critical. There is also a loss of revenue and a loss of production during the plant shutdown. It is a great time to do work that cannot be performed during normal business operations.
With the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, it’s time to schedule your plant shutdown.

Why QuestMark? At QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, our experience and our manpower can get the work done. Our crews and management team work with hundreds of companies during shutdowns regarding logistics and scheduling. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll have the schedule, materials and crews ready to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

Plant shutdowns are usually short and intense for all parties involved in the work. Let our flooring experts at QuestMark will help you through it.


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CentiMark’s Roofing Webinars


Want to learn more about CentiMark and our unique roofing solutions?
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