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The Latest in Roof Edge Protection

Promoting safety is always a priority at CentiMark

New guardrail options are making fall protection even easier to implement. Knowing the latest OHSA regulations and installing the latest safety products tells our customers, employees and subcontractors that we take our work seriously and are proud to endorse personal safety at your workplace.

Rooftop Safety Review

Safety directors and facility engineers are tasked with keeping buildings and the people who work there safe. Regular reviews of safety plans help ensure that all areas have the proper protection in place. Unfortunately, it can be easy to overlook rooftop safety when daily responsibilities are limited to indoor work. Supervisors must remember that sending employees to work on the roof can put them at risk. Even seemingly mundane jobs, like replacing a security light bulb, can be hazardous at heights. When reviewing a safety plan, most companies must be able to provide a system for their subcontractors to follow. Doing maintenance on a rooftop HVAC unit can expose anyone to fall hazards—even a professional. Putting the proper safety products and systems in place works to further promote your facility’s safety goals. When people are working at heights, they are often more vulnerable to injury. Adhering to OSHA regulations can help distinguish your company from the competition.

OSHA Compliant Roofs

For your roof to be in compliance with OSHA regulations, it must have permanent safety systems installed and fall protection gear available for anyone needing rooftop access. CentiMark prioritizes providing our customers the equipment they need to meet or exceed all OSHA standards. Through our partnership with FIXFAST USA, we can find and install the right safety products for virtually any roof type or size. Our combined experience in roofing and installation of permanent fall protection products helps customers meet the OSHA requirements for a “safe roof.” These systems keep your roof edge, hatch and other roof openings from becoming dangerous fall zones. Safety products and guardrail systems have become even more adaptable in recent years, so much so, that you can now have non-penetrating guardrail systems installed for your roof.

Roof Safety with Non-Penetrating Guardrails

A recent project with FIXFAST USA utilized non-penetrating safety guardrails. (See photo.) These railings were placed around the customer’s roof edges in safety yellow for increased visibility. Clearly marking the perimeter of the roof helps workers identify potential fall hazards. Many other custom colors are also available.

A Reputation Earned

Being OSHA compliant, or even surpassing their standards, not only saves you money on penalties and fines, it helps build your company’s reputation for safety. Supplying roof edge protection for your employees and subcontractors shows you care about their well-being, wherever they are. Your rooftop safety system lets workers focus on the job at hand, unencumbered by fall risks or other workplace hazards. The preventative measures can truly save lives.

Good Systems = Good Quality

Partnering with FIXFAST USA allows us to provide innovative height safety systems for even more of our roofing projects, and we’re excited to see these changes being made in our industry. So whether the roof is over your head while working indoors, or under your feet when you’re working at height—you can be confident knowing that your company is safe and your people are protected.

CentiMark takes great pride in the fact that our safety program is unmatched in the roofing industry. We are committed to maintaining the same degree of success and reputation in safety as we have in the quality of roofing services that we provide. Click here to learn more about CentiMark’s Safety Program:

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